The tenor and tone of conversation on politics, religion, and philosophy has been degrading for decades. It’s not simply a matter of civility; rather it is that we are not listening to each other.

There is no more important task to us as a community than to prepare the next generation to reinstate a productive dialectic into the public conversation. D CUB3D is a new forum for the youth of Loudoun County designed to support engaging, respectful conversations on the topics of the day.

It’s important to note that, though we encourage young people to engage in activities which further the causes which they support, the mission of D CUB3D is not an “activist” one, but simply to create, develop, and maintain a conversation. We encourage debate, disagreement, and a search for truth, while accepting that when it comes to opposing points of view, understanding is often more important than convincing.

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D CUB3D was created as a joint venture between Independent Education (IndED), and Loudoun Youth, Inc. Both organizations are dedicated to the cause of improving Civic Engagement in the upcoming generation.