We had a wide-ranging discussion on the ins and outs of the meaning and value of free speech. A large portion of the discussion centered around the importance of those with “unpopular” or minority points of view still having the right to express them.


1) What does Free Speech mean?
2) What about libel/slander?
3) Talk about the term “hurt”?
4) What do you mean by “narrow-minded?”
5) What does identity politics mean?
6) Have you ever been in a situation where you were the only person to hold an opinion contrary to the prevailing one?
7) Give some example of opinions that are commonly oppressed or crushed?
8) Does the election of Donald Trump give comfort and confidence to white-supremacists, nazis, neo-confederates?
9) What is “hate speech?”
10) Who defines what is acceptable speech and what is not?
11) Talk about the KKK and BLM? What are differences and what do they do?
12) When does speech become violence?
13) What is the real question we are trying to answer?
14) Discuss how you get your news? Do most people get their news from sources they already agree with? Or do most people read and study diverse viewpoints?
15) What about you? Do you get your news from different sources or from sources which you already agree with?
16) In what way is regulation of speech regulation of thought?