We explored a variety of different terms that we hear every day, including “Conservative” and “Liberal”,  touched on some issues such as Immigration, North Korea, abortion, and the unavoidable topic of our current President:

  1. What is Politics?
  2. Name some political labels and define them?
  3. Liberty and Equality. Where do the two conflict?
  4. Economics: equality versus liberty?
  5. What is Social Justice?
  6. What does “Conservative” mean?
  7. What does “Liberal” mean?
  8. Why is Liberty and Equality important?
  9. Why are people Conservative?
  10. What is the issue with Donald Trump? Is he racist?
  11. Who thinks that Donald Trump is a Conservative?
  12. What is the conservative view of immigration? North Korea?
  13. Can you have some liberal views and some Conservative views?
  14. Are all liberals Democrats and all conservatives Republicans? Vice Versa?
  15. What does Pro-Life and Pro-Choice mean?
  16. What do you know about “Physician-assisted suicide?”*

* To close out the discussion, since it ended with the “life” discussion, the point was made that when it comes to contentious discussions (like “life” and “choice”) it helps to look at the issue from a different angle, and the “Physician-Assisted Suicide” was an example of that.